Anne-Marie re-wrote songs after therapy

Anne-Marie re-wrote a lot of songs after having therapy.

The 30-year-old pop star “crashed” at the start of the coronavirus lockdown and saw a therapist who helped her to bounce back, and she wanted to ensure her music stayed true to how she was feeling.

Speaking on Radio 1’s Out Of Sight Out Of Mind With Rickie, Melvin and Charlie, she explained: “I wrote loads of stuff before lockdown and then during lockdown I went through a massive journey of ups and downs. I actually went to therapy.

“That’s when I started finding out who I was and learning how to deal with things properly. That’s what’s come out in the music.

“I want to be that person who is honest about that stuff … I hope it just makes it a little bit easier for people to start the conversations and looking in their own brain.”

The ‘Our Song’ hitmaker – who has named her upcoming second studio album ‘Therapy’ – recently admitted her sessions with her therapist and writing music changed her life.

She shared: “Music is therapy to everyone, it helps us through hard times, if we feel alone, if we feel like we need to let loose and dance in the living room, it’s always there for us.

“But when the pandemic happened and I didn’t have my life in music anymore, I just crashed – I was so low, so sad, so confused about what made me happy anymore so I started doing therapy once a week and it completely changed my life.

“Speaking to a psychologist has changed my life completely and I’ve been writing the album during that process, so I’d get off a therapy session and do some writing.”

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