La Palma Airport remains closed due to ash on runway

The airport on the island of La Palma has remained closed for a sixth day following accumlations of ash on the runway.

La Palma Eruption

Regional airline Binter has confirmed that flights are still not able to be operated from the strip due to high levels of airborne particles.

As the eruption enters it’s 67th day, the duration has now exceeded the 1677 eruption in San Antonio.

Following on from the arrival of a fourth lava flow into the Atlantic, an area of 5 hectares has been formed by the new land mass.

Credit: Involcan

Meanwhile botanists are investigating the impact of the Cumbre Vieja eruption on the islands wildlife, with trees up to 7 km from the volcano showing signs of damage due to acid particles in the air.

Photo credit: Involcan



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