La Palma dog rescue takes unusual turn

The planned rescue of a number of dogs on the island of La Palma that were stranded in a compund in Todoque due to lava flows, has taken a mysterious turn after social media images were published showing the animals after being rescued by a group of unidentified people who have called themselves the “A Team”.

Drone pilots from Aerocamaras spotted a hand painted sign in the location where the dogs had been spotted recently, saying that the animals were safe and signed off by the A Team.

The charity that organised the rescue have asked for confirmation that the animals are safe and well, and the drone operators have also asked for confirmation to enable them to formally stand down their operation.

La Palma Eruption

However regional authorities have criticised the rescue, saying that those who ventured in to get the animals risked their lives due to the ongoing lava flows that surround the area.



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