Lorde: ‘I’m hyped, hyped hyped, can’t wait to be on tour’

Last night Lorde co-hosted Smallzy’s Surgery with Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small – Smallzy’s Surgery can be heard weeknights from 7pm on Nova Network.

Lorde speaks to Smallzy’s Surgery about everyone seeing her butt on the cover, that Aussies & NZ fans are pretty feral when you get them on side and her onion ring account started in QT in Sydney.

Lorde said, “I’m hyped, hyped hyped, can’t wait to be on tour, can’t wait for people to hear the whole thing, I really think it’s such a good record, I feel so proud of it so I’m so keen to get out there. The sound is sort of 60s/70s folk with early 2000 bubble gum pop, a little bit S Club, a little bit TLC mixed with the classics – Fleetwood Mac”

Did you realise the cover image would create such whole ruckus and you’d get such a reaction – she thinks its kind of funny thinking about the number of people who’ve seen her butt?

Lorde said, “Oh my goodness, well I had been told that, you know, it was butt and feel away about that, the photo felt so like joyful and playful and kind of free to me, I feel like the kind of sexiness didn’t kind of compute for me, I just thought looked I looked so happy jumping over the camera. It was kind of funny thing thinking this persons seen my butt, this person’s seen my butt and this person’s seen my butt.”

Lorde said, “I didn’t even know if I thought I looked that hot, I just thought it was such a cool, kind of tough photo, I was like this feels iconic to me, I can imagine owing the vinyl and loving it for 25 years, that was my vibe on it. I guess you have to preserve it while you’ve got it, save it for prosperity.”

Exciting to be back in Australia to tour

Lorde said, “That’s my hope, I just think a summer tour in Aust and New Zealand is so fun, just getting to do that outdoors with people is going to be so sick..I love touring Australia, it’s genuinely like a very fun exciting thing for me, I’m hyped for that.”

How different are the crowds in different countries – Aussie and NZ crowds are feral when you get them on side

Lorde said, “It does definitely differ everywhere, for sure the craziest audiences are South America that is insane, North America I would say, they are very into, they will all clap along…I do think Aussies and New Zealand crowds get pretty feral, when you get an Aussie crowd on side.”

CONFIRMED: Lorde is behind Instagram account @onionringsworldwide & it was some onion rings right here in Australia that inspired the whole account!

Lorde said, “I cannot confirm or deny, signs point in my direction. I am quite passion about onion rings, I do think there is a wide spectrum of good and bad, of crunchy and soggy, of sweet and savoury, I will leave you with that.”

She talks about starting the onion account at a Sydney venue – QT

Lorde said, “I mean I just really love onion rings,. I thought that, I think the people deserve to know where the great ones are…there are some pretty good ones in Sydney, t’s the place where I started the account at the QT in Sydney, Gowings bar and grill, phenomenal.”

A message for Aussie fans

Lorde said, “I want to say hello, I’ve missed the crap out of you, I cannot wait to squeeze you all again. Thank you for listening to Solar Power and I’ll see you for this tour which I think will be a massive party so I hope you can come.”

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