Mark Ronson blames ‘workaholic tendencies’ for failure of past relationships

Mark Ronson has blamed his “workaholic tendencies” for his past relationships not working.

The Uptown Funk star, who recently confirmed his engagement to actress Grace Gummer, reflected on his past relationships and his workaholic nature during an appearance on Thirty Five Ventures CEO Rich Kleiman’s podcast Boardroom: Out of Office.

“Did the relationships not work because I was so driven, or was I so driven because I had a hole in my soul or psyche from something else? What was even driving me that much?” he mused.

“Those workaholic tendencies became my best friend and my worst enemy at the same time. I was having success. So that’s positive reinforcement for being a workaholic too, but I was also using it to run from s**t. I was definitely using it because it was a crutch at times.”

Now 45, Mark has realised he needs to slow down slightly.

“At some point, if you do want to have a little bit of stability and balance in your life, you have to learn to let go,” he added. “So I think it took me a really long time to figure it out.”

Now he’s found happiness with actress Grace – the daughter of Meryl Streep – Mark remains “grateful” that the stresses in his earlier years led him to her.

“I’m grateful because the person I’m with now is just so fantastic,” he gushed. “Whatever had to happen to me to get to this point in life, I’m okay with of course.”

The producer counts Daisy Lowe and Rashida Jones among his exes and was previously married to French actress/singer Josephine de La Baume between 2011 and 2017.

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