Relations sour between Spain and Morocco

Diplomatic relations between Spain and Morocco have been further strained over the last 24 hours, after governments in both countries traded accusations following increased tensions between both countries.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that the relaxation of Moroccan border controls with the enclave of Ceuta due to disagreements over foreign policy was “unacceptable”, whilst Morocco’s Foreign Ministry blamed Spain for breaking “mutual trust and respect” after admitting Western Sahara independence movement leader Brahim Ghali for medical treatment without informing Rabat.

Ghali is to appear in court today via video link as part of an investigation into possible war crimes.

Thousands of migrants crossed into the Spanish enclave after controls were loosened.

Most migrants who crossed into Ceuta were immediately returned to Morocco, but hundreds of unaccompanied minors, who cannot be deported under Spanish law, remain.



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