Strongest quake registered on island of La Palma

The National Geographic Institute has recorded the strongest earthquake on the island of La Palma since the start of the current seismic swarm.

A 4.4 magnitude quake was detected at 3.33pm yesterday afternoon, with the epicentre in the Mazo area at a depth of 36 kilometres.

In total over 40 quakes were detected yesterday, with the majority in an area south and east of the current eruption site under the towns of Mazo and Fuencaliente.

However geologists yesterday said another eruption site opening up at the sites of the quakes is unlikely, and the activity is likely due to the movement of magma in channels under ground.

La Palma Eruption

They went on to say that the island remains safe, stable and mostly open to tourism.

Late last night a number of properties were evacuated following a change in direction of the lava flow.

Photo: IGN



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